Save the Date

Dear all,


We are excited to announce, GCSN Gatherings are to be held in Colmar, France, this year!
Please save the dates:

Adult Gathering Oct 21 – 28, 2023
Student Gathering Oct 16 – 28, 2023
Adult Gathering Oct 21 – 28, 2023
This 6 day event is for Christian educators including leaders, mission coordinators and board governors of schools. The focus is to develop a deepening knowledge, and practice, of Christian education with an emphasis on redemptive engagement, mission and service. 
Student Gathering Oct 16 – 28, 2023
The student component is a twelve-day commitment, which encourages students and their supervisors to exercise their gifts by serving in a variety of locally planned mission projects. The aim is to engage students in cross cultural diversity and to reinforce a passion in service and mission.

Adult and Student Gathering information will be available next week.