GCSN 2016 - Jakarta, Indonesia


Keynote Speakers

Dr Wing Sang Chan

Dr Chan is a classical musician committed in bringing students to Christ through education and music. He is the founder and Principal of International Christian Quality Music Secondary and Primary School in Hong Kong and Hong Kong International Institute of Music. Recently, he has been ordained Senior Pastor of Christian Commission Church at the school. Dr Chan is dedicated to nurturing the next generation with the values of God’s kingdom and raising worshippers and warriors to shine for Christ.

As advocates of Christian Education, Dr Chan and his team devised a curriculum that incorporates Biblical Truths in every subject. Worship and prayer are at the heart of the school. Early every morning, worship and prayer meeting for members of the school and neighboring community is being held. The school is committed to spreading the Gospel and serving the community through Missions work and community outreach. Dr Chan and his team also pioneered the inter-school Christian Students Revival and Evangelical movement and the Christian Principal fellowship in the neighboring districts.

Maggie Chan

Maggie Chan is the Chief Executive Officer of International Community Service Centre in Hong Kong. She committed her life to Christ when she was a teenager. God has given to her the passion and vision to serve and preach to the deprived and families in the community through social services. After achieving the Master of Social Work in Hong Kong University, for ten years, she committed herself to train up professional social work students in the Chinese University as well as serving as youth counselor in the Breakthrough Youth Development Centre.

 In Isaiah 43:19, it says ‘God will do a new thing’. In 2015, God has given her a new vision and innovative ideas for serving community and families. She is now engaged in the Grace Street Ministry for mission works and refugees, ‘Jesus is Bread of Life’ Project for the poor and lonely elderly, as well as ‘Pink Companions Action’ for families facing crisis and loss of beloved. She has a dream to mobilize the younger generations and the parents to change the world with their passion and actions. Her wish is to see children of God like stars brightening up the skies as they offer the world the message of life.

Michael Sianipar

Michael is a graduate of Sekolah Pelita Harapan. He is also a graduate of Yonsei University in South Korea where he studied International Relations.

For the past three years Michael has been working in the Jakarta Governor’s office as assistant to the Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama. The Governor is the first overtly Christian leader to be appointed to this office.

Michael is passionate about making a difference to the city of Jakarta through political leadership.

He is also totally committed to working with local communities and spends much of his time with disadvantaged and marginalised groups in depressed areas of the city. He is working with groups of young children to raise levels of literacy and critical thinking.

In all these things, Michael sees that his relationship with the Triune God through the mercy of Jesus Christ is his motivation and purpose.

Dr. Georga Mathew

Dr. George Mathew has earned his degrees from the Christian Medical College Vellore (undergraduate and post graduate Medical training), undertook post doctoral Fellowship training in upper GI and Laparoscopic Surgery at the Royal Adelaide Hospital in South Australia. He continued his postdoctoral research at the University of Adelaide, South Australia; during which time he was awarded the Davis & Geck Prize for the best research paper. His focus of research was on the study of the behavior of malignant cells in the Laparoscopic environment and the role of peritoneal immunity for which he was awarded the Doctorate in Surgery.

He was appointed as Professor of Surgery at Christian Medical School in 1997 and then held the position of Head and Professor GI Surgery at Christian Medical College. He held the position of Vice Dean of the Medical College from 1997 to 2001 and as Dean of the Medical College in charge of all Medical, Allied Health and Research Courses. He was honoured with the Best Medical Administrator Award by MGR University for his services to Medical Education and Health Care Delivery. He was also honoured with the Mother of Teresa award for Excellence and the Eminent Medical Educationist Award. He chaired the undergraduate curriculum reform committee of the Medical Council of India.

The main areas of his research interest are Molecular markers in early diagnosis of Gastrointestinal malignancies, marker for metatastic potential in malignat tumors, role of peritoneal immunity, use of virtual reality in medical training and the application of Robotics in Surgery. Dr. George Mathew joined UPH leaderships in October 2011 as the Executive Dean of UPH Faculty of Medicine. He is also the Executive Director of UPH Medical Sciences Group and the Executive Director of MRIN (Mochtar Riady Institute of Nanotechnology).

Andreas Herm

I grew up in a small town near Cologne, Germany. After my studies at Bonn University I worked as a teacher at a Gymnasium (Grammar School) in Bonn. Since 1996 I have been teaching at August Hermann Francke School in Detmold, a Christian school in northern Germany named after a Lutheran theologian and educator of the 18th century. In 2007 I became principal of August Hermann Francke Gymnasium.

I was married to Martina in 1989, we have three adult daughters. We attend a Free Evangelical Church in Detmold.

During my studies I was involved in the Navigators ministry where I caught the vision to invest time and effort into Jesus’ instruction to make disciples who in turn make other disciples (2 Tim 2:2). As a principal my aim is to train and support teachers in their ministry so that they not only transmit knowledge but also make Jesus Christ known to their students.